Riderless Heald Wire

  • Riderless healds are manufactured with most care at all stages of production to run smoothly on loom. Eyelet is very smooth and highly debbured to run any fine count of fabrics. Bigger eyelet is also off ered for heavy fabrics and technical textile uses.
  • The fine polished eyelet and round side edge of Heald Wire increase result of fabric lusture and overall finish after process of fabric and design.
  • Wide range of eyelet size and position to give optimum result in every specific application.
  • Minimum delivery time for any special requirement.
  • International standard of dimension and accuracy increase production on looms.

Leno Doup Healds

  • Specially known as “Quality Leno Specialist” in India and wide experience in serving for Leno weavers we are most trusted name in India for supply of Leno Healds, Doup and repiar Leno Healds.
  • Widest variety of Heald width and thickness and Shapes of Leno Doups we are specially favored by weavers only due to smooth fine finish of every piece which increase their confidence at most technical subject like Leno weaving and gives maximum production to increase their profit in special lines.
  • Leno is available for all types of looms like plain Loom and high speed looms.
  • Weavers can run fine count also with our specially polished Leno with polished Doup Eye.
Leno Doup Healds
Leno Doup Healds
Specification for Leno Healds

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